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Upon submitting your membership application, you will be able to access the Kind Chats message board. Please keep in mind that Sandy's Tea Society reserves the right to restrict access to the message board if necessary.

This place is provided for Kind Chats among members. Please observe the following:

  • No selling, advertising, or solicitation allowed (asking others to send money or gifts).
  • You may not advertise yourself or your business.
  • No criticism, profanity, distasteful or illegal comments are allowed.
  • Please don't post your latest "shopping find"
  • Do not post other websites or blogs or links.
  • If you share any recipe or part of any printed material, please be sure to give proper credit to the author.
  • In order to protect the copyrights of all artists, please do not post any art.
  • If you are posting photographs, you must have permission from each person who can be recognized in the photo.

Please note that all information entered in this form will be kept strictly confidential.

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